I’m Hans Klabbers, an architect and software engineer living in Breda, Netherlands. I prefer to see myself as a software craftsman.

I’ve been tinkering with electronics since the age of nine. That year I got a Philips EE 2003 kit as a present.


Philips EE2003
Philips EE2003

A few years later the first computer arrived at highschool. They bought a Commodore Pet for creating schedules for classes and teachers. I spent almost every free minute in the school’s library where I had the chance to program this computer with Basic. I was hooked. Two years later my parents bought a Philips VG8020 MSX computer for Christmas. This computer had a Basic interpreter. I learned how to program assembly for the Z80 processor and ran these assembly programs on our MSX computer.

3 Years later I became a professional Cobol programmer and since then I learned a lot of other computer programming languages. I have programmed in Cobol, Pascal, Basic, z80 Assembly, C, Javascript, Java and C++.